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[APPS] Guest Artist Apps for November/December

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Hello everyone!
It's time again for Guest Artist Applications!

This time you can apply for either November or December (or both, but you will only be choosen for one)
During either month, you get to design JellHead adopts and keep 100% of the profit!

November Apps close around 1st November
December Apps close around 15th November

Sharing bonus


To reach as many interested people as possible, we also have a sharing bonus again! 
For sharing on different platforms (for example, DA, Twitter, TH, Discord etc), you get 2x Lucky Petals!
Max 3 times! (=6x Lucky petals in total)
Lucky Petals increase your luck for JellBean submissions, and are used to craft higher tier shinies! 
You can claim your Bonus by submitting a claim with a link! 
>Submit a claim
(Please add a note that you are claiming for GA app share bonus)

[EVENT] Unknown JellBean Discovery! #2

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A new unknown JellBean has been discovered again!
Are you the one who discovered it? How does it looks like?
No worries, you get to keep it afterwards!

How it works

Every month, a new Unknown JellBean Discovery Event starts.
The Event starts in the middle of the month (14-16th) and submissions are open for 1 week!
You create and design a Unknown JellBean and submit it to the Event folder.
Once that week is over, it is voting time for another 1 week.
The JellBean Design with the most favourites wins and gets added to the database as a new item, once it has been finalized!
And the winner gets to keep the JellBean as an Item aswell.

Winners will be put on cooldown for 2 months, to give others a chance!
JellBeans with the same amount of favourites will have a dice decide. 

For more updates and info, feel free to join our Discord!
Have fun!

Update Log #1

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Master Candy Collector Badge has been added!
You can now get this badge, when collecting all 21 Halloween Candies!
Submit a claim to claim it!

Training Prompt changes!
Training prompts have been combined into one singular one! Instead of specific training kinds, any kind of training is now accepted!
(Before, it was only hide and seek + obstacle course. You can now do stuff like command training or riding lessons)
You now are also able to train JellHeads of other users, instead of just your own!
You can use it to, for example:
-Offer Training lessons to other users!
-Have someone else train your JellHead!
This is your perfect chance to start your JellHead trainer arc and earn yourself some extra shards haha

With this change, everyone is now able to access the "Ranking Up"-prompt without needing to do any Training Research!

The way Jell looks has been changed and updated!
Instead of only Gradients, Jell can now have a Liquid Marble-like pattern as well without any mutations!
It is similiar to how liquid paint looks when slightly mixed.

For more updates and info, feel free to join our Discord!
Have fun!

[Result] Unknown JellBean Discovery

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The results are out!
This new discovery of an Unknown JellBean was made by AtlasBarelyAnimates!

A beautyful and blue JellBean with elements of the ocean, captured in its Jell.
Truly a nice discovery!

It has been added to our database and the Discoverer gets to keep the new JellBean!

[Event] Halloween Event, JellHead of the Month + Update Log

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Welcome welcome, it is october!
Or even Spooky month or halloween month for some!

To vibe with october, we have made some updates and have an event running this whole october!

Halloween Event

These things have changed for the Halloween Event:

>Temporary Site Design!

The page will have a bit of a halloween style to it!
Press CTRL + F5 to see all changes, or clear your cache!

>Limited Halloween Prompts

During the Event, there will be special Event prompts. General Event Prompts and a Story line prompt chain!
Instead of being rewarded Shards, you will be rewarded Halloween Stickers instead!

>Halloween Currency

Halloween Currency are a limited Currency that you can get by doing Event prompts!
They are rewarded the same as shards and can be used to buy Event items, such as candy bags.
You can also earn them by selling candy!

>Candy bags and Candy

You can now collect Candy and Candy bags!
There is a prompt that wants you to collect candy!
Check it out if curious! Or try eating them if hungry~

>Halloween Stand

JellLabs are the host of this event and opened a Halloween stand!
You can get your first and free bundle of Candy bags there, and buy items using Halloween Stickers!
There also is a rare event item~

>Event Mutation - Leaking Jell

A new Event Mutation has arrived!
Actually, it is our first Event one of our first ones to own it!
It is the leaking Jell Mutations, in which the Inner Jell phases through the outer Jell due to a malfucntion, and just drips out of it.

>Shiny Hunt -> Candy Hunt
Instead of finding Shinies, you will only be able to find Candy bags!
They are hidden through out the site, and related pages

Return of JellHead of the month!

They are returning with a new type of collectable ~

You can now get these cards by drawing the featured JellHeads!
To celebrate the come back, all previous JellHeads are being refeatured during this month and will give out the new card reward!
Users who have drawn them during their past feature can get these cards twice.
Owners of JellHeads will receive a copy of the card aswell
You can find the JellHead of the Month - Feature Prompt in the Activity Prompts!

Leftovers Trade - Restock

Leftovers Trade has restocked today with new items!
Including 3 Candy bags! Check them out while they are here!
>Leftovers Trade

Sharing bonus

Last but not least, sharing bonus!
The best way to get yourself some lucky petals.

This time, you can also get bonus halloween items!

or 218-image.png

Share this post on any media(TH, Discord, Twitter, DA etc.) to get
3x Lucky Petals

For every 3 tags on it, you also get 
JellBean Candy Bag or  Jellobon

You can do max 12 Tags per share
You can share max 3 times!
Sharing bonus ends on the 1st november 2021

Once shared, submit a claim with the link to claim your sharing rewards!


That's all for now, have a nice october!

Raffle Winner Announcement + Shop price change

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Announcing the Winners of the Opening Raffle!

Drum roll~~
bunnyblasts is the lucky winner of the Celebration Weasel!
Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of the little weasel!

Now to the MYO Winners~
Cry_Me_A_River - Hybrid JellHead MYO
Violenca - Normal JellHead MYO
toetato - Hybrid Mini JellHead MYO
ASCEND_SION - Normal Mini JellHead MYO

That concludes our Raffle announcement!

Now to the wallet breaking news~

Shop prices have changed and raised!
Some by a little, some by a good lot!
Some MYO Crystals now are limited stock!
Once they are gone, they are gone for just a month and will be refilled the next month

Yes, the free gifts are now free+
Extra free with extra invisible zeros to the price tag!

All shops are affected, including Paypal and DA Pts shop, that also have been refilled~ 

[EVENT] Unknown JellBean Discovery!

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"Everyone knows that the JellLabs are no stranger to stray JellBeans floating around, but sometimes an undocumented one slips by just long enough for us to grab it and research! Of course, whoever nabs the little beans gets the honor of documenting them personally, so it's become quite the game here."

Shouta chuckles, plucking some stray jell off of your coat and watching it dissolve in his fingers.

"It's tough work, researching a JellBean without them running out of energy, so we try to get it done as quick as possible."

He looks back up, eyes glittering with excitement.

"So, you want in?"


A new JellBean has been spotted, quick, someone catch it!!

Design what you think our new little friend of unknown origins looks like, and you'll have the chance for your design to be canonized! Submitting this report is a great way to help our encyclopedia grow.

At the end of the event, a poll will take place amongst users to decide which design will be used officially. Good luck!



Once a new JellBean has been spotted, users will be permitted to submit their own design takes in the relevant folder, [EVENT] Unknown JellBean Disovery. Members will have one week to complete and submit their design, in which case the folder will close and the voting will begin.

Voting is done by favouriting which design(s) are you favourite, and it doesn't have to be just one! The JellBean with the most amount of user favourites by the end of the polling will be announced at the end of the month.

The lucky user to have their design selected also gets to keep a copy of the bean, once it has been tasted been added to the JellDatabase. After this, the consumer will not be able to submit a JellBean design for two months, in order to give the event a sense of fairness and give each user an equal opportunity.

Please do not harass winners or participants during or after the event; everyone will get a chance to win, with patience!


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Applications are closed! See you next time!

Hello everyone! 

With our group slowly growing, and wanting to expand aswell, we are looking for some more people to join us in our Team!
So if interested, or knowing a friend/mutual who might be interested, please check em out!
To apply for the role, please check the forms!
You are free to apply for multiple roles!
Or even if you have a role already!

We are looking for people to mainly moderate our Discord Server   
You make sure the Discord is safe and comfortable for everyone 
You get in-group rewards

Submission mods/rollers: 
You look over Art/Literature Submissions made in the group, and make sure they are sent right! 
You play the judge of them and roll rewards for them! 
We will show you how things will work! 
You get in-group rewards

Temporary Guest Artists: 
You are going to be a temporary guest artist for this month, September 2021! 
You get to create max 3 artificial JellHead adoptables, with max 5 mutations each! 
You get to keep 100% of your profit + some advertising help!  

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them in the discord!


Sharing Bonus no longer available!

To reach as many interested people as possible, we also have a sharing bonus again! 
For sharing on different platforms (for example, DA, Twitter, TH, Discord etc), you get 2x Lucky Petals!
Max 3 times! (=6x Lucky petals in total)
Lucky Petals increase your luck for JellBean submissions, and are used to craft higher tier shinies! 
You can claim your Bonus by submitting a claim with a link! 
>Submit a claim

Leftovers Trade | New "Shop"

Posted 1 month ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by MWINS
"A new trade "shop" has arrived !
Meet me later at this place, if you are interested! I've written down the location on this note~
I helped out with sorting out some items from the labs with Purge today, most of them still looking pretty new and useable!
Trust us, some may be expired or look a little bit off, but we can 100% guarantee that they work!
Remember the welcoming gift I made you? The Mini JellHead Core did work, didn't it? 
Purge and I have some different Items up for offers, but once a month, we will cycle those items out!
Can't keep them forever, or we would end up in a hoarding craze!

Oh! Don't tell anyone else we are doing this, this stays between us ok?"
You can now find "Leftovers Trade" in the Navigation bar!
Just head to "Shops" and go to "Leftovers Trade"

September Update Log

Posted 1 month ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by MWINS
New month! Shiny hunt refresh and JellHead of the month
A new month has started! That means that the Shiny hunt has reset and refreshed and new shinies can now be found!
Now some may be wondering. Who is the JellHead of this month? 
JellHead of the month has been a feature in the old group, where a JellHead (based on activity and art) is choosed to be the JellHead of the month!
Granting the JellHead a little badge and bonuses for anyone who draws the JellHead. 
But this month, JellHead of the Month will be paused!

There are some small reasons:
1. We have just started again, now that art submissions have moved from TH and DA to the new website, most of the art that is being submitted is not viewable anymore!
Some people may add their art to the gallery, but some also only submit them for claims/submissions without having their work as public as gallery submissions.
To not make things unfair, or give people who submit to the gallery have a bigger advantage in being picked than the hidden ones, stuff is being reworked!
2. General Rework and Revamp!
It is planned to not only change the way JellHeads are picked or how, but also the outcomes and rewards!
We want things to be more rewarding than before, introducing 1 new but secret feature!
Sure, the JellHead gets a badge as a reward, but there isn't anything much more lasting for the owner or the ones who participate at that special month.
So we are taking this month to rework this feature and work on making it more rewarding! 
After this month, we sure are going to have JellHeads of the month again, and our writer will finally get to work on it again! 

During this month, the raffle will end 20th september! If you haven't entered yet, now is still your chance to enter!
Prizes are the same like before, which is a the Celebration Weasel JellHead and 4 random JellHead MYOs!
The Gacha AB and preview will be closed on friday. After friday, previews will be unavailable and all rolls will be random!
If you are planning on getting an AB or inviting a friend to have a look, be quick before time runs out!
Team expansion! It is planned to accept more people to the JellTeam soon to help around/
Especially moderation and submission helpers, so if you are interested keep your eyes peeled and be hydrated!
That's it for today's log!
Have fun Shiny Hunting !

Join the discord for more updates!