Frequently asked questions

Created: 20 July 2021, 18:59:31 CEMT
Last updated: 5 September 2021, 00:00:29 CEMT


Q: How do I change my Username?
Ask in the #help on discord or comment on the JellCore-Research Deviantart/Toyhouse page

Q: I changed my Social Media Account/Alias/Name, how can I change it?
If you have multiple added, you can make a different one your primary alias and then delete the old alias. After that you can re-add your new Alias!
If you only have one, you can ask in the #help on discord or comment on the JellCore-Research Deviantart/Toyhouse page.
We can unlink your Alias for you to attach a new one!

Q: I was part of the old JellHeads and don't have my items back.
We have a migration page! Go there to get help with migrating your Items from your old inventory to this website!

JellHead Characters

Q: Can my JellHead character play in a different universe/world?
Yes, JellHeads are an open world / universe species, so their lore and species can exist in any world or universe!
If you have a fantasy world for example then yes sure! JellHeads can exist there!

Q: Can my JellHead character wear clothes/accessoiry?
Yes, as long as it follows the species rules, it is free to wear anything!

Q: How can I get a JellHead?
You can get them through the welcoming gift in the Gift shop,
By buying MYO Slots in the shop
or through raffles and adopts created by staff!

Q: I found this JellHead, is this a real JellHead?
As long as they are registered to the Masterlist, they are real!
If they are not registered to the Masterlist, they may be fake or a one-off! Those can not be used for on-site activities!

Designs & Traits


Q: Can I redesign my JellHead?
Yes, but ony Artificial JellHeads, due to their lore!
They can be redesigned using special items and have to stay recognizable from their original design!

Q: Can my friend/someone else help me design my MYO?
Yes you can, you just need to remember to credit them when submitting your MYO!

Q: Am I allowed to create/offer Custom JellHead designs using my/others MYO?
 Same as above! But please call them "Custom MYO Design" or "MYO Customs" instead of Customs when offering/advertising them, to avoid confusion with official MYOs!
Also stathe whether or not you are supplies the MYOs/Items or not!

Q: Can I share designs before approval or unofficial designs?
As long as you tag it as unofficial and share it on the discord server or with friends, it is ok!
Just don't share them on public sharing sites like DeviantArt, Twitter or Instagram!

Prompts & Claims

Q: Can we collab for prompts/claims?
Collabs are not officially recognised! So if you do a collab with another artist, all rewards will only go to the artist that has submitted the claim.
It will be up to you how you split the rewards.


Q: What are Shards?
It's our site currency!

Q: How can I get Shards?
Shards can be earned through Art/Literature! You can submit them via Prompts or Claims!
>Scoring and Submission Guide
They can also be earned through other activites such as trading with other users, selling items or Shinies!

Commissions & Item-trading

Q: Can I create JellHead related commissions/YCH/Bases?
Sure! Feel free to!

Q: Can I accept commissions in exchange for Items/Shards?

Q: Can I trade/sell Items/Shards for other Items/Currencies?

Q: Scamming time?


Q: Can I create non-canon art of my JellHead, like AUs etc?
Sure, but they will not count towards submissions/scoring!