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Created: 26 June 2021, 00:59:54 CEMT
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Any art/writing submissions (Prompts, Claims) that fit into the scoring standards have to use the Shards Calculator and need to have the breakdown added into the comments of the submission.
Also add the amount of Shards you would receive in the Reward section of your submission.
The breakdown is needed to help out the mods to serve as a reference and check if everything is alright.
It also helps with rolling Jellbean drops, if applicable.
The breakdown is usually found on the right side of the Shards Calculator

If you are looking for (MYO) design submissions instead, check below.

MYO Creation Guide
To use the Shard Calculator, create a copy of it to work with!
Note: Masterlist references do not count toward Shard claims!



Art Scoring

Art Standards 

Every artwork has to be:

>Fully colored
>Clean Lineart or Lineless
>No sketch art
>Incase it is a collection of multiple JellHeads, please number them!
>All Characters have to be linked in the submission! (Unless they are not part of the group, like personal OCs)

Shard Calculator  


Fullbody JellHead - 5 Shards
> Atleast 80-90% of the JellHead

Partial JellHead - 2 Shards
> Atleast 40-50% of the JellHead
> Bust/Halfbody

Mini-JellHead - 1 Shard


Background elements should be clear and recognizable.
They should be part of the background/enviroment and not just added to fill out the requirement!
Sky and ground don't count towards background elements

Simple BG - + 2 Shards
> A simple background with atleast 3 different elements (flowers, bushes, vases) 

Complex BG
- + 5 Shards
> More than 5 background elements.
> Defined background/middle/foreground
> or have enough detail or composition consideration to be considered complex


^Complex BG:^
 >Has more than 5 elements (rocks, boxes, tree, skeleton, fence, mountains, book, etc)
 >Has defined background/middle/foreground


Simple Animation - +  3 Shards
>Slight Animations like slight edits to make the image move
  >examples: only partly animated like tail wag, lineart wiggle, bouncing, etc.

Medium Animation -  +6 Shards
> Classic Animations like character actions and interactions
  > examples: running cycles, jumping, playing, etc.

Complex Animation - + 20 Shards
Extended movements and animation like
  > example: multiple actions, short animations/story telling, etc.


Crafts + 30 Shards
>examples: (3D) Model/ Sculpture / Plush / etc.
Beeutyfull | Gift


non-Applicable techniques

Some techniques do not count towards Shard scoring and will be ignored during scoring.


Stamping is the use of brushes that stamp whole elements, like whole trees, leaves etc. Those elements won't count towards background elements.
You are allowed to use a leaf brush to create and build up a tree, but you are not allowed to use the leaves as indivudual elements!


Writing Scoring

WriTing Standards 

Every literature has to:

>be written in english
>have atleast 100 words to count
>Characters have to have somekind of significant or meaningful interaction to count, that means they have to
->have enough sentences of interaction to count as significant
->A character bumping into a Jellhead or waving/following around is not enough of an interaction
->The interaction has to have somewhat of an effect inside the literature

When using multiple JellHeads in a literature, please somehow mark them inside the text!
Example: "So the red jelled wolf[O-001] dashes forward and runs off into the woods"

Shard Calculator  


Depending on the amount of words you have, you are rewarded shards!

Per 100 Words - 1 Shards

Per 500 Words - + 2 Shards
>For every 500th word, you get an additional 2 Shards as a bonus!


>Additional JellHead with significant interaction + 1 Shard
>Additional Mini-JellHead with significant interaction + 1 Shard



Additional Bonuses

Depending on Character or Art/Literature, you can earn yourself a bit of a bonus!

JellHead = Official Mascot - + 1 Shard

JellHead = owned by someone else - + 2 Shards
Note: This does not apply to Mascots!

Performance Bonus - + 4 Shards
>Art/Animation that plays synced to Audio (on beat, added sound like footstepts etc)
>Literature that has been performed (reading)
>examples: Animation meme, AMV/PMV, Audio Storytelling, Poem/lyric reading, song etc.

Lucky Petals

When adding Lucky Petals as an Add-on to your claim, you can raise your luck on encountering JellBean from JellHeads that are part of your submission.
Limit of max 5 Lucky Petals!
Using more Lucky petals than 5 will have no additional effect~

Using Lucky Petals on a piece with multiple JellHeads:
When using Lucky petals on submissions with 5+ JellHeads, the efficiency decreases.
And it gets even less effective with more JellHeads!
>1-5 JellHeads | 100% Lucky Petal Bonus
>5+ JellHeads | deceased Lucky Petal Bonus
The lowest it can go is around 30%
So even if you submitted a piece with 50-100 JellHeads, Lucky petals will not lose more than 30% efficiency!

JellBean Encounter Note:
When using a Lucky Petal on art, it will be used on either 1 single JellHead or a whole piece (including all JellHeads)
If the art is a collection of seperate art works, the Luck will only be applied on 1 JellHead with the highest encounter chance.

>Applied to only one JellHead with the highest chance
 --Collection of multiple artworks of the same or other JellHead ("Doodlepages")

>Applied to all JellHeads shown
--Artwork with multiple JellHeads acting in the same scene (Scene, Comic)



JellBean Spawns

Depending on submission, you have a chance of encountering a JellBean or two of the displayed JellHeads!
You can either collect those, or sell them for some extra shards!
Your chance could be raised through quality and effort of your submission, but also the usage of Lucky Petals!

The chances and rates are unknown. 

JellBeans Info