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Ranking Up

Ranking Up

Ranking up your JellHead



After enough training, you feel like your JellHead has gotten better at understanding you.
For this prompt, you will only need to submit your JellHead + the required Training Token to rank them a tier up! 
Due to how Training Tokens have changed, you just need to state how many tokens are being used, as they are attached to your characters inventory now (unless they are in your inventory)
  • 1-Novice
    Needs 5 Training Token
  • 2-Beginner
    Needs 10 Training Token
  • 3-Competent
    Needs 20 Training Token 
  • 4-Proficient
    Needs 40 Training Token 
  • 5-Expert
    Needs 80 Training Token 


  • Your JellHead ranks 1 tier higher
Character Requirement
  • 1x JellHead (Must be your own)



Art Requirement

  • None

Literature Requirement

  • None


Additional Requirement

  • Attach required amount of Training Token as addon(if in your inventory) or state amount of Training Tokens used (if in characters inventory).
  • Please also state what Tier you are ranking your JellHead up to in the comment!


No rewards.



JellHead Training!

This prompt requires you to have completed JellHead Training Research 1 time.

You cannot view any details until you have completed the prerequisite.

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