Terms of Service

Created: 22 February 2021, 11:14:35 CET
Last updated: 16 July 2021, 07:43:53 CEMT


  1. Obtaining JellHeads
  2. Design/Redesigning
  3. Adopts 
  4. Prompts & Badges
  5. Character Ownership & Resale Rules 
  6. Community Rules
  7. NSFW, Gore content & Restrictions
  8. Payment


1. Obtaining JellHeads


You cannot make a JellHead without permission.
JellHeads can only be obtained through official Adopts or MYOs inside of the Group.

2. Design/Redesigning


  • All Designs/Redesigns need Approval by MWINS or Zirlia
  • Do not use any hate symbols/designs.
  • Follow the JellHeads designing guide!
  • All JellHeads can be slightly redesigned using items.
  • Only Artificial JellHeads can be completly redesigned using items.
  • Artificial Jellhead Designs can be fully voided, but only up to 3 times.
  • Voided Designs can be unvoided, using a fitting JellCore (MYO).
  • Do not copy already pre-existing characters.

3. Adopts


  • Only official Guest Artists or the Owners are allowed to create adopts.
  • Every JellHead designer has different rules for their JellHead adopts.
  • You are 100% required to follow all the rules they put down in their auction/flat-sale/raffles/etc.
  • Every guest artist has the right to refuse sales to anyone. This includes (but is not limited to) empty or suspicious accounts.
  • Do not put offers on a Design you can not pay for.


4. Prompts & Badges


The Approval of a prompt/MYO design/design update/claim can take up to 24-48 hours, we are a very small team of people and we manually check each, so we appreciate your patience!

When made a mistake when submitting a prompt or design request do the following,
For prompts, please make another submission and clarify your last submission had an error.(include a Link of the Mistaken Prompt)
For design and myo approvals please wait for mods to cancel the request.

Please make sure your prompt meets the requirements specified in the prompt details. If your prompt was rejected, it does not meet the requirements we specified.
+ It could be that the reason of rejectment stands in the rejectment Prompt. 


Badges are Account-bound and cannot beTransferred to a different User.
This counts for all the JellHead Badges (for Example the "Jell of the Month" Badge), cannot be traded to a different User or JellHead.
You cannot claim Badges for other Users or JellHeads you do not own.


5. Character Ownership & Resale Rules



JellHeads are logged and kept through the visual Masterlist hosted in this website.

Masterlist  documentation is the only acceptable proof of ownership of an official JellHead.
If you are having issues with receipts/proof, contact a group moderator/Admin.

You can not officially Co-own a JellHead!
Only one owner will be recognized by the On-site masterlist.
Co-ownership can happen in private without punishment or consequence from the group itself, however ownership Rewards will not be dealt with by the JellHead crew. The owner listed on the masterlist entry is the one that will be recognized.


Resale Rules
  • There are 2 weeks of cooldown, once a JellHead has been traded/gifted/sold.
  • Swapping JellHeads ignores any cooldown.
  • If a JellHead has been traded/gifted, it can not be resold for it's original price afterwards, unless it comes with commissioned art of the current owner. Proof is needed to update the JellHeads worth on the Masterlist.
  • A JellHeads resale price can be increased with traits and features you have purchased with money. This can be added to its value when you request a masterlist update on-site - please contact the group or discord if you believe your character is missing $/€ value from an added trait.
  • A JellHead that was acquired without $/€ CAN be resold later if the new owner added on art or commissions to it.
  • You are allowed to trade/sell your JellHead for any amount of Shards (Group-Currency).
  • Voided JellHeads can only be gifted.


Masterlist entry Base Sale value:

  • JellHeads can be resold for more than this price to the amount of added commissions/art - the owner is responsible for keeping track of extra art $/€ value themselves.
  • A JellHeads base sale value will be listed under their masterlist entry- this tracks the price for JUST the character and no extra art
    (cost of the design+traits - this can include the cost of the myo slot, the custom design cost, etc).
  • This price does NOT include the cost of commissioned or added art because we cannot track the art that the character comes with or ensure it's delivered with the character- this is the responsibility of the parties involved in the trade/resale.
    With Contacting a Admin or Mod and showing proof of commissioned art we can increase the Base prize Value.

6. Community RuleS

Follow the Rules and be kind.

Depending on how severe the case is, we will hand out warnings or bans for the following conduct:

  • The Group is SFW! That mean's to not make any use of vulgar language is not allowed.
  • creating off-brands of the JellHeads species or copies of existing characters to sell
  • scamming, scalping or selling characters you don't have permission to own
  • Repeatedly guilt-tripping or harassing moderators/admins to change the rules of the game- we welcome critical feedback, but not in the form of heavy guilt-tripping or harassment. 
  • Harassing other users to give or trade their characters/items to you
  • Do not purposefully attempt to incite arguments or drama within the group.
  • Creating multiple accounts to participate in events (MYO slot sales, guest adopts, raffles etc.)
  • Faking your identity or any receipts.
  • Posting/Interacting with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nazism, pedophillia & zoophillia in or outside the Group
  • Eating any kind of JellSoup


7. NSFW, Gore content & restrictions

NO NSFW content.

We may ask you to censor or remove content if we feel it breaks the PG13 rating from the group. General violence is allowed as long as it isn't any of the below. Light blood must be censored with a mature content filter on deviantart, and when submitting to the site through prompts or claims please put a **starred** content warning that it contains blood. Generally we don't want deeply disturbing or upsetting content - please contact a mod before making your piece if you are unsure about your idea.

Not allowed:

  • Gore/Vore of any kind (Jellheads are made of Jell and don't have any organs) in the group.
  • sexual themes
  • uncensored swearing 

Candy Gore-ish Art is fine.


8. Payment

JellHeads sales will be available for Euro € and payments are processed through Paypal.
Occasionally, JellHead sales will be available for purchase using DeviantArt points.
Artists may accept point payment through the commissions widget tool offered by DeviantArt. Do not send points directly unless specified.

Accounts under 2 months old or suspicions accounts may be refused service for seller protection from chargebacks and false payments.
Point refunds are not offered. Euro € refunds are tentative.
Do not use a shared paypal account for JellHead designs.
It is your responsibility to compensate the artist if payment is stalled due to another party.

Payment methods will vary for other guest artists.

Payment for customs and MYO slots is always upfront and in full.