Event Tracking

A tracker to track our progress!
The Research Event is split into multiple phases.
Every Research Point that is gained during the event is tracked here.

Once the bar is full, a phase is completed and will unlock new prompts, items and knowledge!

Phase 1: Testing your JellBean knowledge

Volunteering positions have opened up!
Any helping hand in research is always welcome!
We are offering multiple ways for interested peeps to learn about and submit their own reports and discoveries about JellHeads and co!
Try !work in our Discord and redeem your points to save up for some rewards and goodies!

Redeem Discord RP to your Account Research Point Redeem Counter

JellBean Crossword
It's been a while since we have looked into JellBeans more in detail.
Before the research is resumed, we decided to create a crossword to test our knowledge.
This crossword is now available for volunteers aswell to test their JellBean knowledge!
Do you remember everything?
Crossword Prompt

Round JellBean Research
This normal looking JellBean has peaked the interest due to its abnormal hidden traits.
It's not classifed as a special JellBean for no reason after all.
Help researching this JellBean, all volunteers are welcome to help!

Round Bean Research

A new area has been discovered, with some new unknown flora.

The Shiny Hunting prompt can now be done 2x a week and can give the additional chance of finding any of the new flora!

Shiny Hunting Prompt


The current event currency is Research Points, and the current global total is 45 Research Points . The current overall goal is 1000 Research Points!