Leftovers Trade

Created: 2 September 2021, 16:40:38 CEMT
Last updated: 1 January 2022, 21:54:22 CET

Welcome to the Leftovers Trade!

At the end of every month, items are being thrown out and away.
A monthly routine to remove any old/expired items and make space for new items in general.
No worries, we have both checked the items before and can guarantee that they still work!

Here, you can offer on the listed items with art, characters and more!
But it also depends on who the NPCs, as they both are different and offer different items.
Carefully read their info before offering!

Note: Do not offer, if you already have a trade running!
1-2 grabs per person!

Profile picturess are there to represent the NPCs. 
They may not actually look like that!

Questions here!

Purge's Trades │ zirlia


"Well Hello there,
ma Names Purge!
I went through the Inventory in the Lab and saw some stuff that we cannot use in the Lab anymore.
cuz of rules and our savety in the Lab, we only can use "fresh" Items.
But these Items are still in tip top shape!
I hate to see good stuff go to waste, so why not Trade it right?

You can offer any of the following:
Currency > Characters > Art > MYO's > Items

Might be somewhat picky!
But i am really intressted in some Art!



Would you look at this? Some Customs are up to Trade as well!
Artificials only!
You will let me know the Animal you would like a Costum of as well before hand.

Design examples:
JellHeads | General

Stock: only 1 Slot open


a small still good looking Mini Myo.

Stock: 2

such a good green~

Stock: 2

Ah yes.....
Copter Bean

Stock: 2

a Bean from our Dear Mascot Angel!!

Stock: 2

*munch munch munch*

Stock: 1

Offer here!
Assistant'S Trades | MWINS

"Hey it's me! Assistant!
Have you gotten used to everything yet? Did you like the welcoming gift I made you?
I hope it helped you starting off!
Just throwing everything out even thought they may still be usefull sure is a waste, don't you agree?
These are not for free this time, I might aswell reward myself for some of my work/

Oh and also, just like the gift don't tell anyone about this!
Just a secret between us, ok? hehe"

You can offer any of the following:
Currency > Art > Characters > MYO's > Items
Note: May be picky(?)
Please be specific with what and how much you are offering!
Examples are of advantage!



We got some resources left for some custom JellHeads! Artificial ones!
I can only do custom only based on 3 emojis though.

Design examples:
JellHeads | General

Stock: 0


Still as good as new! I promise, it only fell on the floor while packing!

Stock: 1

Oooooh, look what I found in the back of the shelf! A bunch of ghost lolipops!

Stock: 3

What are you looking at right now....oh? Some unusual interest in the pile of trash? I won't judge, if you want it~
Stock: 4

A singular roach, looking for a home. Makes good hot cocoa!
Stock: 1

The longer you stare, the more you find yourself lost in this pretty bean!
Stock: 2

Offer here!


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MWINS Staff Member
Featured by Owner

Comment below any questions regarding Leftover Trades

2021-09-02 20:05:14 (Edited 2021-09-02 20:11:23)

91cats Avatar
91cats Staff Member

literally just give me everything i am cool enough for it

2021-10-02 19:24:59

MWINS Avatar
MWINS Staff Member

i am banning you for replying with something that is not a question /j

2021-10-02 19:30:22

zirlia Avatar
zirlia Staff Member
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Comment below to make offers on Purge's Trading Stock

Check his Tab to know what is still in Stock/ what is for Trading!

Please state what you are offering and for what the offer is for!
Example: "I offer 2 FullBody and 1 Chibi for 1x Mini Myo Extinct! I can get them done in this time frame"
If Purge accepts your offer, you will get the Item once your part of Trade is done!

Dont be heartbroken if Purge wont pick your offer!
You can always try again!

2021-09-02 19:57:40 (Edited 2021-09-02 20:01:19)

Snekboio Avatar

i will give u https://toyhou.se/13186023.kira and https://toyhou.se/1802263.crossroads for a basic frog custom (mutat5ion or none)

2022-01-16 01:44:29

Gabsnot Avatar

Oh purge, can i offer for your one grown snack and one hybrid MYO art pieces?
For grown snack i can offer shaded bust/halfbody with simple background
For myo one fullbody with shades OR one flat fullbody with simple background
Both will be done in week from info from u (so around 20th/22th will be done both)
examples of my arts: https://gabsnot.carrd.co/#examples

2022-01-11 15:12:57

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MWINS Staff Member
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Comment below to offer for a trade with Assistant!

Check her tab to see what she accepts and what not!

Please be precise with your offers!
For example, "I offer 4 Fullbodies (examples here) in trade for this item! I can get them done withint 2 weeks"
If Assistant accepts your offer, you will receive your item once your part of the trade is complete!

Assistant is not obligated to accept every offer. But that doesn't mean you can't try again!

2021-09-02 19:31:30 (Edited 2021-09-02 20:01:24)

zirlia Avatar
zirlia Staff Member

slams door
Hello good Sir i am here for the Unknown 26 JellBean.
I would offer 1x Pixel Fullbody for it.
(Like always no Humans and dont have to be JellHeads :>)

2022-01-03 17:55:28

MWINS Avatar
MWINS Staff Member

^You can now offer again with this new month of January!^

v Offers from previous month / December v

2022-01-01 21:40:39

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