Shiny Hunting

Created: 7 August 2021, 18:39:41 CEMT
Last updated: 5 September 2022, 18:45:42 CEMT


Shiny hunting is the easiest way to earn Shards, as they can be found anywhere.
"Shiny" is a code name for a location that can have goodies ranging from being just a pile of Shards to even rare JellBeans !
Shinies are the only source for rare JellBeans.

You can look for rare JellBeans to either fill your own collection, trade them with other users or sell them for a great profit!


Shinies can be hidden anywhere on this site or even on sites related to JellHeads!
Only sites that are officially linked to any of the pages count as JellHead-related.

You can also find Shinies using Shiny Hunt prompts!

Start Shiny Hunting

Start Shiny Hunting here.
Shiny locations are updated once a month.
Some Shinies may have traces of others, give small hints.
Do not publicly share locations!

Status Prompt

Random Suggestion

Instead of opening Shinies normally, you can also research Luck to find out how to increase your chances of finding better loot!
You'd learn how to use Lucky Petals on Shinies!

Luck Research Prompt