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Welcome to the JellHeads ARPG!


JellHeads are an Art-based roleplaying game which also involves character collecting!
The focus is the research of the sub-species "JellHeads", an undead species that has been discovered.
By taking part, you will help the group research the species and even unlock new discoveries along the way!

To play, players will have to complete prompts using Art or Literature of their characters to earn rewards and badges!
JellHeads are an open-world/open-universe concept, meaning that JellHeads could play in any world/universe, even your own!

You will need to be 13+ years and have one of the supported social medias to sign up!

Content Warning: Mentions of death. This species is based on undeads.
Getting Started

1. Create and register an account.
2. Claim your free welcoming gift in the shop.
3. Take part at prompts and events and play!

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JellHeads & Co

Check out the main Sub-Species "JellHeads" and other species related to them!
Especially JellBeans! Everyone loves these the most/

Masterlist  Infosheets
Prompts & Reward system

Explore and develop your character by taking part at prompts and events using art! Or just do regular art and get rewarded in shards!

Prompts  Scoring

Lots of items! And more to be added!
A lot of these items are based on what users create and some can even be created by users!


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