Getting Started

Created: 3 August 2021, 21:57:43 CEMT
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To register, you will need a DeviantArt, Twitter or Tumblr Account to verify yourself! Please make sure to read our Rules!
You need to be 13+ years old to be able to register.

1. Username

Choose a username that you like! It can be the same username you use on other sites or a different one. Just be sure to have a Username that follows the groups rules!

2. Verify E-mail

Once you have set your username and e-mail, a verification e-mail will be sent to you!
It may take some time to arrive.
Check for e-mails and also look into your Junk/Spam folder incase it landed in there instead!

3. Connect + Auth with social media

The last step before you are able to play is to connect your account with a social media platform! Can be either your DeviantArt , Twitter or Tumblr Account.

If you already own JellHeads connected to your Deviantart/Toyhouse, please connect using your Deviantart. Incase of changed username, contact staff to transfer your characters to your account!


Getting a character

The first and easiest way to get your first character is through the welcoming gift! You can claim it once in the Gift Shop.
Other ways of getting characters is saving up enough Shards to buy MYO Crystals, which can be turned into MYO Slots that you can use to create a new character!
You can also trade characters with other users or even look out for character raffles or adopts!

Gift Shop Sales MYO Creation Guide


Prompts, Claims and Getting Shards

Shards are the main currency of this site. You can buy items with them and trade them with users.

Getting Shards is pretty easy, all you have to do is draw or write about a JellHead or other related species.
Or sell items that you don't need.
You can do prompts to gather new items and shards or submit claims just for shards.

Prompts Submission Scoring


vibe and other activities

Now you are all set and know the basics, here are some additional activities you can check out!

JellHead of the Month

A JellHead is selected monthly to be titled the JellHead of the Month.
These featured JellHeads give out a one time bonus to anyone who draws them during the month!
They are selected based on activity of the JellHead and User!

JellHead of the Month


JellBeans are one of the most wanted collectables in the game!
Why? Because with every new registered JellHead comes a new JellBean!
Any Art or Literature submission with a JellHead in it has a chance of spawning a JellBean!

You can either collect JellBeans to fill your collection and work towards achievement badges,
or sell them for some extra shards!

Special JellBeans Unknown JellBeans Natural JellBeans Artificial JellBeans

Shiny Hunting

At the start of every Month, new shinies are hidden through out the whole website, sometimes including other related sites!
These shinies can be claimed by anyone and opened up for JellBeans or Shards!

If you are lucky, you may find some rare JellBeans, or even a golden one!

Shiny Hunting

JellHead Training

Looking to teach your JellHead to search for shinies themself?
Then maybe training is an option for you! You can learn how to train yours or other JellHeads for them to bring you discoveries!
It can get very grindy towards the end, so be careful!


Badges and Achivements

During your stay, you may achive alot of goals, take part at events and finish prompts!
All these things can reward you Badges that you can collect and just show off!

Badges Guide

Leftovers Trade


Once a month, the Leftover Trades restocks with new wares!
But you can't buy them like regular items.
Instead, you can trade art or characters for them!

You can find MYO Items, JellBeans and collectables in here~
Or just meet Assistant and Purge there!

Leftovers Trade

And more!

We regulary host small events like new Unknown JellBean Discoveries and seasonal Events for everyone to take part,
but also are always in development for new content and features!

We also have a Discord, if you wanna join or have questions!

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