Training JellHeads

Created: 20 July 2021, 23:47:51 CEMT
Last updated: 25 January 2022, 20:21:45 CET





Training a JellHead is an optional activity that can be of advantage if trained correctly.
It can be challenging, as they will take a long time to understand what you want, but it will be worth it in the end.
The training makes use of their radar like sensory, to track JellHead related items such as shards and JellBeans and teaches them to react and retrieve those.
Either train your own JellHeads or help train your friends their JellHeads!


There are multiple tiers in which trained JellHeads are categorized in!
Note: You can only train JellHeads! No Mini-JellHeads!

Needs 5 Training Token to rank up 
>15% chance to find something every week

Needs 10 Training Token to rank up 
>20% chance to find something every week

Needs 20 Training Token to rank up 
>35% chance to find something every week

Needs 40 Training Token to rank up
>2x 35% chance to find something every week

Needs 80 Training Token to rank up
>3x 40% chance to find something every week

Claiming Discoveries

Once a JellHead has been successfully trained and reached one of the above tiers, you can check and claim discoveries that your JellHead has made!
You can claim them by:
>Going to your JellHeads profile
>Go to "Collect Discoveries" on the side bar
>Click the "Collect Discovery Button" to collect it!

Once collected, you can go into your inventory, select the Discovery and use "open box" to check it out!


How to Train

Training Prompts

Before you are able to do Training Prompts, you will need to unlock it first by doing Training Research!
Once completed, you are free to train your own or even other peoples JellHeads!

By doing Training Prompts, you have a chance to successfully train your JellHead.
The JellHead has to be visibly training and can also train with other JellHeads on the training prompt submission, if you are looking to train multiple.
If the JellHead succeeds in its training, it will gain a Training Token to mark its progress. 
Once you gain enough Training Tokens, you can rank it up to a higher tier.
The higher the Training Tier, the higher the chance your JellHead succeeds in for example discovering Shinies.

Training your JellHead is fully optional!
Note: Training can be very grindy towards the end!! Remember to take breaks

Ranking up your JellHead

To rank you your JellHead to a higher level, you will need to:
>Go to the "Ranking up" Prompt
>In the comments, add something along the lines of "Ranking up JellHead from Untrained to Novice"
>Add the required Training Token as add-on.
>Submit and wait for a mod to update!