Prompt Categories

<a href=" Prompt" class="display-category">Event Prompt</a>

Event Prompt

Limited Event prompts!

<a href=" Prompts" class="display-category">General Prompts</a>

General Prompts

Some general fun prompts to play around with!

<a href=" Prompts" class="display-category">Activity Prompts</a>

Activity Prompts

Activities you or/and your JellHeads can take part at for nice rewards!

<a href=" prompts" class="display-category">Mini-JellHead prompts</a>

Mini-JellHead prompts

Specially made for Mini-JellHeads

<a href=" Prompts" class="display-category">Training Prompts</a>

Training Prompts

Prompts to train your JellHead!

<a href=" Prompts" class="display-category">Research Prompts</a>

Research Prompts

Prompts to get to know certain fields around JellHeads.
Some prompts give you access to new features or items that may improve gameplay.

<a href=" Prompts" class="display-category">User-Faction Prompts</a>

User-Faction Prompts

Prompts related to User created Factions

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