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Mini-JellHeads are the smaller and less developed versions of artificial JellHeads, that are still going through development to grow into a full JellHead.
More info about JellHeads here.


The Anatomy is the same as regular JellHeads, but extremely sized down and more simplified.

The JellHead always consists of two important parts: The host and the Jell


The body[2] of the Mini-JellHead is way smaller compared to that of a grown artificial JellHead.
It is more blob shapped and appears like a more chubby or chibi version of it.
Limbs[3] and tails[4] are way shorter, making it harder to move around.
Limbs can have a max lenght of 1/3 of the body`s height.

Because it is still in development, the host can only hold a maximum of 3 colors.


Unlike grown JellHeads, the Jell[1] is not transparent as it is more dense and focusing on development still.
You can only see the outer Jell and the Jell does not seperate or overflow yet. It all remains in one wobbly piece of Jell.
The Jell itself also slightly glows.

The Jell can only hold max 2 different colors!


The Core can not be seen due to the Jell being non-transparent. 
It's size can range from half to almost the full size of the Mini-JellHead itself.


Types of mini JellHeads

Since Mini-JellHeads are the undeveloped version of Artificial JellHeads, there are no different types than Artificial only.
They still follow the same categorisation as JellHeads.


Since Mini-JellHeads are very unstable with any kind of modifications added to their core, adding mutations while still  growing is not allowed to avoid potential risks, such as quick energy depletion or unstable Jell causing it to fall appart.
Once it has fully developed, those mutations can be added without risk!


Mini-JellHeads have a similiar behaviour to JellBeans, as they are still growing and constantly on the look to gather food and materials to support their growth.
They will always follow energy sources around to absorb energy and grow with time.

Because of their undeveloped and smaller limbs, it is harder for them to move around, causing them to be very clumsy at times.

Creation and growth

They are created the same as Artificial JellHeads, with the only difference that they are released out of their growing tubes with the Jell and Host being partly only developed, but stable enough to be taken out.
As they are constanly developing, they are always in need of enough resources like food to keep growing. If neglected, they won't be able to grow and may collapse if their energy depletes.
With time, they grow and can develop more colors. In that process the colors and pattern design can change and differ from the original. Most of the original colors still remain intact and may change only slightly.
Once they have fully grown, their Jell will start to overflow to rid of any waste produced while growing. The Jell will slowly get clearer and more transparent, making the inner Jell visible aswell!

With that, your Mini-JellHead has successfully grown into a full-fledged Artificial JellHead!
Modifications and more can now be added to your JellHead!

Diet & Hoarding

The Diet can vary based on JellHead. Some Jells absorb and break down these materials while other Jells absorb and break down other materials.
Since they are growing, it is recommended to feed them foods and materials that are not too hard to breakdown for the Jell to support their growth.

Mini-JellHeads may reject anything that appears to take too much energy to dissolve and will not hoard any kinds of items, unlike grown Artificial JellHeads.


Mini-JellHeads can wear any kind of accessories, gear or clothes, as long as it does not block the head opening or is too heavy to wear.
Decorating the Jell is not possible though, even with the Jell being stationary as it will either dissolve or reject them.

It also is recommended to avoid headgear, as it may confuse the Jell on the look for food.

Taking care of a JellHead

Taking care of a Mini-JellHead is almost the same as taking care of a JellHead, with the difference that you will have to constantly feed your Mini-JellHead to avoid it running out of energy.
Water is also important as always to not dry out the Jell and support their development.

If you don't want your Mini-JellHead to grow or develop into an full JellHead, you can feed your Mini-JellHead only the minimum amount of food needed.
The food would only be used to replenish the Mini-JellHeads energy and keeping it from growing, as it won't have enough materials to do so.
Keeping up a Mini-JellHead on small diets only may be harder and forgetting to feed it can be fatal for the Mini-JellHead.

As tempting as it is, squishing your Mini-JellHeads is not recommended. They may not be as squishy as they look like, due to their core being pretty big in comparision to their body.
Too much pressure may harm the core.


How to obtain

MYO Crystals

You can buy MYO Crystals in the shop or trade them with other users to create your own Mini-JellHead.
Check out the MYO Creation - guide for more info!


Adoptables are Mini-JellHeads that are put up by talented Guest Artists or Researchers that have created/discovered JellHeads.
You can get Artificial or Natural JellHeads this way.


In some events, you may be able to either obtain MYOs or Mini-JellHeads!
Raffles included!


Random facts and bits

  • Mini-JellHeads are an accidental result of an energy/power outage. While scientists were in the middle of creating new Artificial JellHeads, they run out of energy and power causing the development to stop.
    While on pause, a fish Mini-JellHead accidentally escaped for having the lid not closed. That's when they discovered that JellHeads can already act without being fully developed.
    Now Mini-JellHeads are offered aswell as a cheaper way for people to get JellHeads but also to save on the Labs resources! Win win!
  • They were almost called Baby-JellHeads for looking like a baby version of JellHeads. The name was scrapped and Mini-JellHead was chosen instead to not confuse people into thinking that JellHeads can produce offspring.