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JellHeads are undead creatures, that have been taken over by a Jell-like substance after death.
The reason why they are called "JellHeads" is because of their whole head always being replaced by Jell. 


The JellHead always consists of two important parts: The host and the Jell


It acts as the body of the JellHead. It can be any animal or creature and can have any kind of pattern, colors or designs on it, different from the original creature.
Its purpose is hold the Jell in place and the Core safe in the center of it. The skin is in most cases more dense and reinforced than it was originally for a better defense.


The Jell spreads throughout the inner body and flows out of openings created on the host. The constant flow outside of the body is called overflow.
The Jell always creates an opening at the place where the original head used to be, most of the time creates openings in the tail area aswell and in some uncommon cases, on the main body. It will always avoid creating openings on limbs such as legs or wings to avoid losing stability.

Freezing/Melting point and toxity can vary based on JellHead. Some JellHeads can survive in cold enviroments and have a very low freezing point, while other JellHeads may either be toxic or even edible.
Yes, the taste can also vary. Without having tested the Jell on poisounous contents, it is not recommended to just eat it.

The Jell itself slightly glows and is made of two types of Jell: Inner and Outer Jell


The core is placed in the center of the body and acts as both the heart and the brain of the JellHead. It always remains inside the Inner Jell and is never seen outside of it.
It constantly creates more Jell and also creates pressure against the body from inside, to keep up the form and shape of the JellHead.
Since it can not stop the production of Jell, the openings are also important to not put too much pressure on the body and core itself, to not harm it.
It also creates an invisible structure made out of energy, to act as a replacement for the skeleton and muscles to be able to freely move around like the host used to.

The shape of these cores can vary based on JellHead and have all kinds of shapes.

Inner Jell

The Inner Jell acts as the transport and digestion Jell.
It digests and dissolves materials and transports nutriens toward the core to be turned into energy. 
Waste materials are then transported out of the body using the help of outer Jell.
It also has the ability to regenerate and heal wounds of the host.

Outer Jell

The Outer Jell acts as a protective layer to keep out any unwanted things and can be used to float inner Jell waste outside of the body by seperating itself from it.
It also acts as a sensor to sense vibrations, smells, and other things we may not recognise

Jell colors and patterns

Based on the Cores color, the main color of the inner Jell will be the same or similiar!
But the secondary color of the inner Jell can be any other color.

There are limitations on how many colors the Inner Jell and the Outer Jell can have!
The Inner Jell can only hold up to 2 colors.
The Outer Jell can hold up to 3 colors.

These colors are spread though the Jell in the form of gradients or liquid marble like pattern only.
Different colors can not be displayed on top of the Jell using custom patterns or designs like stripes or dots, unless using mutations.

Gradient and Liquid Marble Example:
Liquid Marble can be compared to liquid paint being mixed together
Weight of Jell

Jell can have almost any weight, but it will always remain floaty.
The Jell can be light and float up or be slightly heavier and slowly float down.
How the Jell flows can also depend on the JellHeads status and change.

They cannot pour up or down like a waterfall, unless they are modified.

Types of JellHeads

There are multiple types of JellHeads, of which some are categorized.


Host-Species groups that JellHeads are categorised in. Anthro versions of those species are included

  • Normal
    Host-Species based on IRL animals that are not extinct.
  • Hybrid
    Host-Species is a hybrid of 2 IRL animals that are not extinct.
  • Extinct
    Host-Species is based on extinct creatures.
  • Mythical
    Host-Species is based on mythical creatures.
Natural JellHeads
Natural / real JellHeads are "born", whenever a creature experiences death but had any kind of strong power, such as a strong will, emotion or even goal.
If that is the case, there is a chance that something starts forming in the head and chest of the creature.

It is Jell, that will slowly grow and eat up organs and muscles, replacing them with jell and slowly moving into the center body.

Depending on how or where the host has died, the Jell will adjust to it, eventually changing the hosts design to a more unnatural one.
They have a core, most of the time the core is soft and adapts to the inner Jell appearance, making it harder to spot or grab.
Because of that, they also have a longer lifespan and also sometimes develop stronger abilities and are more likely to mutate in some form.
But also is it not possible for people from outside to change aspects of the core to modify things such as the Jell or the hosts design.

When a creature has died, with some kind of a strong power, like a strong will, there is a small chance for them to turn into a JellHead.
That's the part we already know about. But what is the process? Almost right after the creature dies for good, the strong power sparks and slowly crystallizes. In most cases, it crystallizes in both the head(brain) and inside the chest(heart). Slowly crystalizing and eating up the inside, it will start creating Jell to fasten up the process by a little.
The Head Crystal/Core is mostly known for creating what we know as Inner Jell, the Jell that is able to dissolve and transport things, dissolving the whole head including the skull of the creature. It will slowly work towards the Chest Crystal/Core, that is known for creating the outer Jell.
The Outer Jell is way slower and not made to dissolve things, but good enough to dissolve the soft organs. Once the Inner Jell reaches the Outer Jell, it will move inside the Outer Jell and move the Head Crystal/Core inside of it as well. After this point, the inner body is taken over by the Jell, memorising the skeletal structure by replacing it with a structure made out of power, won from the creatures organs. But also does the Inner Jell take over the Chest Crystal/Core, resulting in both cores fusioning into one JellCore.
The Skin of the creature will not be eaten up due to the Outer Jell not letting any of the skin inside the Jell for the inner Jell to dissolve.

Without the Outer Jell to work as a protective layer, the Inner Jell would (by theory) eat up the whole body and later dissolve into either the air or ground, leaving the crystal exposed and running out of energy. JellCores need a body to be stable enough to move and survive. In short, the reason why JellHeads have inner and outer Jell is because there were originally 2 Cores that created different Jells and fused.
In short:
  • Created through death
  • Themed based on Events/Death
  • Soft/Squishy Core
  • Mostly rounded cores
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Stronger abilities
  • High chance of mutation
  • Cannot be modified/upgraded by hand
Artificial JellHeads
Unlike Natural JellHeads, Artificial JellHeads are man-made and don't have to experience death or anything to be created.
Due to their crystal being made out of shards of Natural JellCores, they have a way smaller lifespan than natural ones.
Because of that they also require way more energy and resources than natural cores.
Their cores are more hardened, like crystals or stone and are easier to spot and take out.
Meaning, they are more vulnerable than natural ones, once you spot their core.

Your local JellHead specialist can turn your JellCore into a JellHead, and fully customize its design to the owners wishes and likings.
It also doesn't need to follow a theme like natural JellHeads do, and can have any pattern or colors as long as it follows basic JellHead rules.

They can be upgraded and modified using Items.
They are also known as MYO-JellHeads

The core is put into a container filled with special liquid and then is infused with energy to reactivate the core and have it get back working. It will slowly create Jell that will form around the core and not overflow yet. Instead, it will try to "heal" the non-existent wounds. Since the body does not exist yet, it starts to slowly recreate the host's body in miniature form and have is slowly expand.
Colors and patterns start off different than the final product.
Once the JellHead has fully "regenerated" and the Jell starts overflowing, the JellHead is ready and put out of the container!

How design, modifications or information are inserted into the Core or JellHead remains a secret to avoid abuse of the system.
In short:
  • Fully customizable Design
  • Hardened Core (Recycled shards from Natural Cores)
  • Mostly crystal-shaped. Can have custom shapes.
  • Shorter Lifespan
  • Weaker abilities
  • Weak chance of mutation
  • Can be modified/upgraded



In some cases, Cores can mutate, making the JellHead more special. These Mutations are categorized in two types:

  • Mutations/Modifications
    These Mutations are the basic ones that can be recreated by hand.
    The reason why they are also called modifications is that these can be made by modifying the core.
    They can appear in both Artificial and Natural JellHeads
  • Perks
    These Mutations are called Perks, as they are not possible to recreate (yet) and can only occur in Natural JellHeads.

List of all Mutations and Perks here.
Check the MYO Creation Guide for more information on Mutations here.


JellHeads are undead, mindless creatures left with a will or goal that they follow. Based on their host species, they may adopt movement patterns or even behaviours and instincts.
They have a very low intelligence level and are not able to fully act by themself or socialize with others.
They also cannot understand other creatures intentions and will only follow their goal.
Like protect, to always protect specific things from specific other things. or do specific repeated tasks like dragging logs and crates in job fields.
Recent research have shown though, that with time, JellHeads may learn new or even recognize simple patterns like new tasks or risks/danger.

It is even speculated, that Natural JellHeads actually have a medium-high intelligence level, but just seem mindless, as they probably lack emotions.

Natural JellHeads especially are very bound to the territory they lived or died in, they will wander around in those places and rarely leave and based on Natural, can even make up or sense things that we can not, such as peoples intentions.
By some people, these types of JellHeads are even worshiped gods or treated like mythical beasts. They can also be heard of as the whole opposite, like merciless killers and such. But that can also depend on JellHead.

Artificial JellHeads on the other hand are seen less as a threat, as they just lack the intelligence, unless created to do harm. But even if they were, they may not have the knowledge to fully do that.

Since the core of artificial JellHeads is made of shards, that originated from deceased Naturals, they can be found acting abnormal in very rare cases. hu

Due to their undead nature, sleeping is not neccessary for Jellheads to survive but can be a good way to prepare against extreme situations, such as starvation, excessive temperature changes or other types of emergencies.
In their sleep, the Jell starts fully focusing on processing any kinds of materials that they have dissolved only, to create energy reserves that can be used later. In that process, the Jell may also appear to densen up and flow slower.
Any kind of sensory senses are kept to the bare minumum, meaning that they can barely perceive their surroundings. When they wake up, they will release a big Jellblob to get rid of all waste that has generated during their sleep and return to normal.

Diet & Hoarding

The Diet can vary based on JellHead. Some Jells absorb and break down these materials while other Jells absorb and break down other materials.
There are always things they can't absorb and/or break down and it is up to them whether they'd keep stuff in their Jell or push it back out.

There are JellHeads that absorb materials or objects into their Jell and decide to not break them down.
This behaviors can be seen as hoarding, to either:
-hoard resources to dissolve later (Jell is either busy focusing on something else or is already full)
-hoard to carry objects around and release again


Jellheads are capable of aging but this only affects the jell itself and not the host. The damages of age can present itself as loss of color and glow in the jell and slower jell creation.
Reaction times get slower and regenerative abilities will worsen aswell, to the point it may not even be able to close small wounds.
Once that happens, it won't be able to upkeep the hosts body and have it lose colors just very slightly.

When the creation of Jell has gotten so slow to the point it seems like stopping, the JellHead will lose stability as it is not able to create pressure to uphold the body and finally collapse.
The Jell will still try to transport waste even with insuficient amount of Jell and keeps ejecting more and more Jell, until there is no more Jell left.
With no Jell, the Core slowly crystalizes and hardens up, with last attempts of creating Jell and using up the last energy reserves.
Since the core gets their color mostly from the Jell, it will lose its last colors aswell and turn transparent.

Depending on JellHead, lifespans can vary. 
Natural JellHeads have an unknown long lifespan that is said to go over thousands and more years.
Artificial JellHeads have a much shorter lifespan for using recycled cores that can last around 50+ years.


Just like how every Jell can have different colors, consistency and contents, they can also vary in freezing point and the point they evaporate.
Some Jells may have a higher freezing point than others and have a hard time moving in some areas/seasons.
The closer the temperature to the freezing point is, the slower a JellHead can and will be able move, until it is unable to move.
But it can also depend on their JellCore and how fast/much Jell it creates per second.
It will less likely be slowed down if the Jell creation speed is higher.
A frozen Jell can lead to damage to the core, if the constantly created Jell can't escape the body. It will put the Core under pressure and may shatter it, resulting in death.
The closer a Jell is to the point they melt and evaporate though, the less control they will have moving the Body and appearing wiggly and sloppy in their posture.
JellHeads will usually avoid areas that are too hot for them. If it comes to the point the Jell starts evaporating, the JellHead will be more vulnerable, due to the Jell being less dense and the Core being less protected by it. Too high Jell Loss can lead to loss of energy and can lead to the JellHeads death, due to energy depletion in the core.

Memory flashes

The Core of most Natural JellHeads still contain memories of important parts of their past life, surroundings or even their death.
Only a few special individuals are able to build up a special connection and look into them in form of memory flashes.
Memory flashes can be compared to dreams. Or "I saw my whole life flash before my eyes"-kind of things.
You experience whole stories and moments that feel like hours, days or even weeks, but are mere seconds in real time.
It's like having a dream, but when waking up you forget most parts of it.
After the memory flash is over, the information has to be interpreted most of the time.
That means, that some information about those Natural JellHeads may or may not be interpreted right.

The reason why only some individuals are able to somehow build up a connection to those JellHeads and receive flashes of memories is unknown.
A specific someone for example never wanted to agree to undergo any kind of fullbody scans or any examinations by our experts or tests even. We also cannot find a way to convince him, as he is the leading head of this.
It does feel like they are hiding something from us.


JellHeads can wear anykind of accessories, gear or clothes, as long as it does not block the head opening.
Due to the nature of the Jell constantly overflowing, blocking up openings or trying to place hats ontop of them is not recommended.
Blocking up openings can cause an increase of pressure on the Core, which can lead to damages of it.
Trying to place hats or other accessoiries onto of flowing Jell is hardly possible, as it either gets:
-taken in and consumed by the Jell
-taken in and kept by the Jell
-transported with the flow and constantly falling off of the Jell

For those situations, special Headgear can be created. This Headgear would still provide enough of an opening for the Jell to overflow and adjusted to the JellHeads body to not get dragged away by the pressure.
The gear will be made with Jell-Repelling to keep the Jell from dissolving it. It is recommended to look for a craftsman that speciallizes in JellHead equipment and gear to not risk your JellHeads well being.

Taking care of a JellHead

Taking care of a JellHead is not hard! Other than knowing what your JellHead accepts as food and water, you are all set!

You just have to feed it from time to time and have water sources nearby, incase the food does not contain any water.
Depending on how much you feed it, it can even build up reserves without need of being fed.

Feeding Artificial JellHeads a lot in advance is recommended, as they use up a lot more resources than Natural JellHeads.
Feeding a lot in advance and then feed normal portions every day or two is recommended, because it is simplier to handle than feeding it tons of food every day.
Once their reserves are used up, you can start planning on a mass feed again. Some people even have a monthly feeding ritual for that.

Natural JellHeads don't need care in most cases. They are minds of their own and don't need to rely on others.

For Natural JellHeads, it is recommended to first have a gifted researcher or person observe them and their motives, before interacting with it.
Depending on JellHead, they can be hostile and gifted researchers are able to receive memory flashes of JellHeads to determine whether or not it is hostile towards others or open to be approached.

Based on JellHead, it is recommended to also take care of yourself and take safety measurements incase the JellHeads Jell is harmful. Wearing special Jell-Repelling gear is recommended when dealing with those.


How to obtain

MYO Crystals

You can buy MYO Crystals in the shop or trade them with other users to create your own artificial JellHead.
Check out the MYO Creation- guide for more info!


Adoptables are JellHeads that are put up by talented Guest Artists or Researchers that have created/discovered JellHeads.
You can get Artificial or Natural JellHeads this way.


In some rare events, you may be able to either obtain MYOs or whole JellHeads!
Raffles included!


Random facts and bits

  • The first JellHeads were not even planned to turn into a whole species. They were regular adopts with no planning before.
    They are basically the founder of the whole species!
  • JellHeads basically started off as a personal species first, for creating adopts with the same concept and later turned into CS ARPG kind of species!
  • Original and first online draft/info sheet was made on
  • First visual Anatomy sheet / draft