Growing up Mini-JellHeads

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Taking care and tending to your Mini-JellHead is an important thing to do, to keep them healthy and help them develop and grow further into a full fledged JellHead.
It can take time for it to grow, and learning how to care of them is also of great importance.
Always do your little research before getting a Mini-JellHead, as they will need a lot of attention!
The same applies to any other kind of pets and your own kids! Please do your Research and know that you have to be committed to this.


How to raise up

Growth Prompts

Before you are able to do Mini-JellHead Prompts, you will need to unlock it first by doing "How to raise a Mini"-Prompt!
Once completed, you are free to train your JellHead!

By doing Mini-JellHead Prompts you are taking care of your Mini-JellHead.
You are being rewarded Growth Token, that are used to keep track of a Mini-JellHeads growth.
Collect enough of them and you will be able to get yourself Growth Snacks that can be used to grow your Mini-JellHeads into a full JellHead.

Growing up your JellHead

To grow your Mini-JellHead into a JellHead, you will need to:

>Go to your Mini-JellHeads Profile
>Update Design
>In the comments, add something along the lines of "Growing up my Mini-JellHead"
>Add the required Growth-Snack and any other additional Design/Mutation Items you want as add-on.
>Check on other requirements for JellHeads, such as JellBeans etc.
>Submit and wait for a mod to update!

It is best to check on the Creation Guide to see what changes your JellHead can go through!

MYO Creation Guide