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Main Organisation

JellCore-Research is the main and biggest one.
It will be the place you will be the most. They handle reports, JellHead creation requests and orders and keep track of everything.
It can range from things such as activity logs of people who for example, purchased a MYO, found shards or own JellHeads themself.
Some people even like to compare it with adventure guilds from fantasy worlds, as they also handle requests that people can accept for rewards, and also reward people for any reports or recordings on other or their own JellHeads with Shards.
The building also has a gathering place called hangout and public jellhead-research-lab .
Though it is not a real lab, but a place for people interested in JellHeads to theorize and talk about Jell-related topics.

So basically, they handle mostly paperwork and project management and are the main gathering spot for workers and regulars, that some like to call "JellConsumers"
Besides all the volunteers and regulars, JellCore-Research also has specialized teams that are sent out to document or observe JellHeads in the wild or other things related to JellHeads.
People like calling them "venturers" or "hunters" , as their tasks can be quite dangerous and only the most experience people are deployed. The main leads of the other companies often meet here to discuss plans and other topics.

Contains the following

JellHead Companies: JellLabs, Tame Beans, PortalShards

Member Figures

Miscellanous: MWINS, Assistant, and Blue Bean

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Miscellanous: Hyde

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Dimension: Main

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