Inventory Migration

Created: 18 August 2021, 19:40:26 CEMT
Last updated: 19 August 2021, 11:25:02 CEMT

Already have an inventory from the old Google Sheet Inventory system? Want to move and migrate your old inventory into your new one?
Or even have JellHeads from the old masterlist not linked to you yet?
>Old Inventory Sheet
>Old Masterlist Account

Worry no more! We are here to help you move your stuff to your new place!
Just fill out this simple form and we'll get moving!
You will also get a migration badge, for sticking with us!

Inventories that are marked with a red border have already been moved!


Important Info:

Please link your Deviantart Account as your alias.
That will automatically link your already owned JellHeads aswell!
If you have changed your DA username, please tell us!

To confirm that it really is you, please reply to one of the following Journals/Bulletins with the DA/TH account, you have linked in your inventory!
>DA Confirmation Journal
>TH Confirmation Journal


**Old Inventory Name:**
**Any Missing JellHeads:**
**Confirmation link:** (TH/DA)

If any items are missing after the migration or wrong, please tell us and we can fix it!
You also get a migration badge for migrating your inventory!


zirlia Avatar
zirlia Staff Member
Featured by Owner

│Please reply here with your form!│

2021-08-19 11:27:12 (Edited 2021-08-19 11:27:43)

xenohorsequeen Avatar

Old Inventory Name: Xeno
Any Missing JellHeads: just flubber
Confirmation link: (TH/DA)
note: my DA username has been changed to Xenohorsequeen

2021-12-12 02:22:33

zirlia Avatar
zirlia Staff Member

Inventory successfully transferred!

To get all JellHeads into your Account,
You need to add your DA again, if wanted.
If after adding your DA and you still havent gotten your JellHeads/s let me know on the comment i made.

2021-12-18 10:06:14

Kira-Akita Avatar

Old Inventory Name: RhiRhibooklover
Any Missing JellHeads: no
Confirmation link:

2021-08-24 13:48:11

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MWINS Avatar
MWINS Staff Member
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Old Inventory Name: MWINS
Any Missing JellHeads: None
Confirmation link: TH

2021-08-18 19:49:07 (Edited 2021-08-19 11:27:49)

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