O-190: The Butchered

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TYPE: Human x Cow (?)



10 October 2021, 17:14:37 CEMT

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CW: Death, Violence
Happilly married to a butcher. She did not care about him being a commoner and her being from a rich family. She gave up on many things, just to live happily with her husband. Unseperateable.
She did not understand why he sometimes vanished at night. She wanted to stay with him all night, enjoy the full moon together.
But things did not go as planned.
Outside it grazed on a full moon night.
A cow enjoying some late hour gras, fresh and cold. It had a great farmer friend the other day. But it got seperated by a piece of rope, and now sits there. Outside and alone.
Something was not right, he began growling. [...]? [...]!!! She shouted. Her beloved grew canine fangs and blood red eyes. What started as harmless nibbling turned into a violent bite.
In terror she screamed, she screamed in hopes he would stop. In hopes he would come back to his senses and stop.
With no success. Terrified, she in the end was devoured by her own partner.
Screaming was heard from inside. A terrifying scream that shook the cow wide awake. Something was not right in there. It could not think about eating or sleeping anymore. It got scared and wanted to run away. But the rope hindered its plans. It was stuck.
Blood covered, a man with the head of a wolf came out running. Grabbing it by the rope, dragging it inside. It resisted, it tried to resist.
Once inside, he took out his cleaver and began to work. In pain it screamed, terrified by what is happening. Bit by bit and full of pain, loosing consciousness with time.
They were afraid, terrified of the man. Any man. Any who who could harm them.
Any who could suddenly turn on them.