Shaped JellBits (Artificial)

Category: Combinations
Species: JellHead

etc. Go wild

Patterned + Jellbits

The Jellparts can have one custom form other than just blobs and strings. Like triangles and more!
They can not be bigger than the JellHeads own size
They can either float or be attached to the JellHeads Host, but never attached to flowing Jell!
Their placement mirrors the other Jellbit, if in pairs!
​They do not serve any functions and can not be controlled!

Just like Jellbits, they can come in a pair of 2 Jellbits!

The Jellbits have to be made of only the outer jell. Like a solidified version of it.

If color mutations have been applied to the outer Jell, they will also take effect on the Jellbits!

Need: 2 Mutations

Applied: Any


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