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Hello! I am Charles Chickens, welcome to my shop.  Here i sell art for shards (the proceeds will definately not be going to anything shady at all ahahahah) I'll restock every now and then. Here are the prices:


Animated Pixel Art: 25 Shards (Stock:4)




Headshot Artwork: 25 Shards (Stock:1)



Halfbody Artwork: 30 Shards (Stock:3)


Fullbody Artwork: 50 Shards (Stock:2)




1 Shard Worth Of Art: 1 Shard (Stock: 1 per user)


 Animated/Rigged Blender Model: 100 Shards (Stock:0) (closed for now)

click here for playlist


!Doesn't have to be Jellhead related!

Charles Chickens Art Shop
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Kira-Akita Avatar

can i just get your entire 'stock'? 4 pixels, 1 headshot, 3 halfbody, and 2 full body? it would be 315 shards if my math is right.

2022-05-09 19:46:16

Kira-Akita Avatar

Can i get 1 of each for 165 shards total please?

2022-03-14 17:20:50

Ducks33 Avatar

yeah sure! which characters would you like?

2022-03-15 10:00:35

Kira-Akita Avatar

can i get the pixel of M-039, the fullbody of Archer, and the model of Captain?

2022-03-15 14:36:44

Cap Avatar
Cap Staff Member

Hi! Could I get an animated pixel art of Dear (M-034) if possible?

2022-02-11 03:40:05

Ducks33 Avatar

yeah sure! I'll send it to you on discord

2022-02-11 11:02:26

TurqCalibrator Avatar
TurqCalibrator Staff Member

Howdy, could I purchase one of each? :flushed: for a total of 165 shards

2022-02-05 23:34:13

Ducks33 Avatar

sure! which characters would you like?

2022-02-06 11:32:28

TurqCalibrator Avatar
TurqCalibrator Staff Member for the animated pixel art for the fullbody, if that's alright?
and I think is simple enough to rig, but if not I can find another character!

2022-02-06 23:16:03

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