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How to raise a Mini

How to raise a Mini

Learn how to train your JellHead



To have a Mini-JellHead is to also be able to take full responsibility in raising and taking care of it! It's like a baby or a child version of a JellHead afterall. They are more clumsy and sensitive than full fledged JellHeads and need all the attention to grow up healthy!
You can read more on how to grow up a Mini here
More info about Mini-JellHeads can be found here

Show yourself/your character researching on how to take care of Mini-JellHeads. Where do they look for information? Do they research the web, books or even observe others doing it.
Show them preparing themself, do they prepare a special room or buy items for their Mini?

  • Shard Reward* (Only if JellHead is present)
  • 5x Lucky Petals
  • Growth Snack - Recipe
  • Badge

Shard Reward is calculated based on your Submission! Scoring Guide
Character Requirement
  • 1x Original Character (Must be your own)



Art Requirement

  • 1x Fullbody
  • Complex Background

Literature Requirement

  • 800 words


Reward Amount
Lucky Petal 5
Growth Snacks - Recipe 1
How to raise a Mini 1


Caretaking Mini-Daycare Nice and cozy Big Buddy Role model

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