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Good luck needs no explanation!

Good luck needs no explanation!

Testing your luck.



Do you believe in luck? Or do you feel like luck is just some concept that doesn't exist. Maybe you feel like it's just pure coincidence whenever something good happens...
Well, let's look more into this "luck" and test it out with Shinies and Lucky petals!
They say, if you gently blow a lucky petal into the air, it grants you luck!
  • Show your character doing any luck based activites or observing items related to luck
    (examples: lucky petal, four-leaf clover, lucky horse shoe, rabbits foot, lucky dice, lady bugs, lucky numbers, etc.)
  • Show your character equipped with any luck based item/symbol and getting lucky
    (examples: finding something shiny, winning a game, catching a big fish)

  • Shard Reward*
  • Badge
  • Good Shiny - Recipe
  • Good Shiny - Random JellBean

Shard Reward is calculated based on your Submission! Scoring Guide
Character Requirement
  • 1x JellHead (Must be your own)
  • 1x Additional Character (Has to be an OC, can't be a JellHead)



Art Requirement

  • 1x Half/Fullbody JellHead
  • 1x Fullbody Character / OC
  • Complex Background

Literature Requirement

  • 800 words


! Additional Requirement !

Following Items need to be added as Add-ons:

  • 1 Lucky Petal (This Lucky petal will not count towards scoring)
  • 1 Shiny


Reward Amount
Good Shiny - Recipe 1
Good Shiny - JellBeans 1
Lucky one 1


Do you believe in luck?

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