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Free day with Assistant 1

Free day with Assistant 1

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"Finally some free time!
Wanna try this new waffle shop that opened some streets away?
I got some free coupons and discounts for that place, so tab is on me!
Oh also, they said no pets allowed, especially JellHeads!
So we can't bring any inside. If you wanna stop by Tame beans on the way, we can do that and drop off your JellHead!"

Assistant invites you to have waffles with them!
So why not join them! 
How Assistant looks is fully up to your interpretation and can look however you want, as long as it is nothing hateful!
Draw your character(s) meeting Assistant and going to the waffle shop!
>Assistant character page
Note: Assistant has no set appearance!
They look differently to anyone and anybody, and use any pronouns.
Draw them how you would imagine them, any species and appearance!
Nothing hateful!

  • 150 Research Points
  • Shard Reward*

Shard Reward is calculated based on your Submission! Scoring Guide

Character Requirement
  • Assistant
  • Original Character


Art Requirement

  • 2 Halfbodies
  • Simple BG

Literature Requirement

  • 700 words


Reward Amount
Research Points 150


Free day with Assistant 2


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