14th MAY - 14th June 2x Training bonus + Gifts | And Update log

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"Hey it's may"
"May who?"
"May-WINS birthday aha"

During the timespan of May 14th till June 14th, there will be a small little bonus!
In celebration of the 
making his special day enjoyable for everyone

May gift you something lmao

Claim Gift here!

Don't miss the chance of some free goodies!
A rolled up paper for a free Training season for your JellHead and some Lucky petals as a thanks for being here!

2x Training token boost!

During this time, Training Tokens will be boosted and have double the chance to be rewarded to your JellHead!
+You get an additional chance to get a spare Training Token out of your Trainings!
Sorry to all air lovers/

Training Token (80% Chance) or Air (20% Chance) | Fullbody / 
Training Token (40% Chance) or Air (60% Chance) | Partial / little written interaction

Haven't unlocked Training yet?
Don't worry! All Users will be able to train their JellHeads during this timespan!
Instructors are helping out training your JellHeads with you, if you are unexperienced/

Start JellHead Training!

Note: Mini JellHeads can not be trained!
But you can train other peoples JellHeads, and hope for spare Training Tokens to drop to save for future Jells!

Some misc updates

Mutations have all now received new visual images to make things easier to find and understand!
Mutations List

The Shiny hunting prompt now gives out another reward!
You now have the chance of getting either 1 additional shiny or extra shards!

old Rewards:
- :Shards~1: Shard Reward
- :Shiny:1x Shiny

new Rewards:

- :Shards~1: Shard Reward
- :Shiny: 1x Shiny
- :Shiny: 1x Shiny/ :Shards~1: Shards (50/50 chance)
The amount of Shards you get are random and in the range of Great Shiny Shards amounts

For more updates and info, feel free to join our Discord!
Have fun!


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