2 Year Anniversary and Birthday + Gifts and Bonus

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Happy birthday JellHeads!

>2 Year Anniversary Badge

Today marks our 2nd year birthday!
The 17th of January!

This wouldn't have been a thing without anyone of you guys, so this gift is for you!
For all new and old, those who were here from the very start and those who just joined.

To celebrate, we have some gifts and a bonus running and available until the end of this month, 31th January 2022!
That's almost 2 weeks!
And for those who have not entered yet, our MYO Event is still running!
>MYO Event

2nd Anniversary gift

>2 Year Anniversary Gift | Item

Unlike other gifts, you can claim this gift by commenting below this post!
Share how you feel and maybe even your wishes.
What brought you here and why did you stay?
Show off your favourite Jellhead, maybe?
Or maybe chat with one of our NPCs.

A simple "claim" also is enough, if you are not much of a talker~

2x Shard Bonus

During the Anniversary, all Shard rewards from Art and Literature scorings are doubled!
This includes any submissions like prompts or claims
The Shard Calculator has already been updated to double shards!

For more updates and info, feel free to join our Discord!
Have fun!


17th January 2022

You have been invited to the main building of Jellcore-Research and enter the lobby.
Everything is decorated, today seems to mark a special day!

At the back, you see some familiar faces facing a small crowd.
It's most of the Jellstaff!

You spot Assistant at front, speaking:

"Happy birthday! Happy anniversary to our project!
Because today marks the second year of JellHeads!
Well, not the JellHeads are 2 years old now, but this entire everything!
The project, the website, all the Jellhead related institutes like Jellcore-Research and JellLabs, everything!
Today we celebrate everything we have achieved till today, not alone but together!
Because everything would have not been possible without you guys, and all of your support!

Who would have known we would get this far, even get enough funding to continue research in public, rent new buildings, equipments and a cool new website!
Thank you very much for being here, all new and old and we hope you further enjoy your time with us!

We have big goals and still a far road to walk on!
Enjoy, these gifts as a thank you~"

She points towards the right, a table fully decked with shining blue cakes and some snacks.

"We got some cake over there aswell, take as much as you wish!
And drinks over there aswell, to stay well hydrated like a JellHead~"

Clapping comes from the crowd and music starts playing.
A short but nice announcement.
Smaller speaches from other members and also volunteers continue.

You head towards the table and watch a character with very poofy hair cut the cake into equal pieces and place them on plates.
After it is your turn you see their nameplate, reading 'Havern' as they hand you a plate with cake.
For some reason, one slice was already missing before it was cut. But you didn't see anyone with cake before.
Someone probably took a slice before you arrived.

Unique shape for a plate, but also does it look nice.
You grab yourself a handful of Jellobons and head over to the gift corner, where everyone is handed a small set of gifts, including a little birthday card!

Today seems like a good day.
And it's an interesting view to see all the different people, with their individual JellHeads.
Hopefully, this doesn't end in chaos, but the staff seem to have everything under control.



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Birthday Gift
Happy birthday JellHeads!
Here to claim your gift?
Just comment below!

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Thank you everyone for taking part!
We are now out of gifts, thank you for celebrating with us!

2022-02-01 00:10:42 (Edited 2022-02-01 00:10:51)

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2022-01-28 00:46:28

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